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Gavin McKinney


Gavin McKinney is a really popular figure in the world of football freestyle. He has risen to prominence in the last few years due to his amazing style and combination tricks. Gavin has an infectious personality which really gives him an extra edge when he is hired for an event.


His talents have taken him across the world where he has worked with a variety of well known brands and companies, even performing for the Royal Family at one point. As you do! Gavin is a real seasoned professional these days and would be a great choice for any live event with his dynamic choreographed shows.




Why Us?

For the last decade, Global Freestyle has been the top Football Freestyler agency in the UK and Europe. In 2017, we expanded across the pond to the US. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and advertising agencies, providing their campaigns with amazing football freestylers. Freestylers are unique because they not only possess superb technical skills with the ball, but they are also exciting entertainers. They will leave your audiences wanting more!


Global Freestyle founder, Danny McGhee, explains, “It’s a known fact that football freestylers draw attention. Whether in-person or on the screen, people will stop, stare, and engage with the performers. They may even upload a video to social media – which equals more exposure for your brand!”


So, do you need to bring life to your next event? Are you producing a commercial that needs the right face or fast feet? Well, then it’s time to hire a football freestyler. And you’re in luck because WE are the go-to football freestyle agency! From concept to launch, casting to wrap, Global Freestyle has your back! Contact us today to discuss your event, pricing, and availability.

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